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An Overview of Youngevity Products Rich Minerals.

Proper functioning of the body will require different compounds and elements. Carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins are the major compounds that are normally ingested. These compounds are made of four elements, that is, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon. On the contrary, health or life cannot be supported by these elements alone.

Therefore, the body will need other elements like zinc, calcium, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, selenium, cobalt and copper and others. The roles played in the body by these Rich Minerals are very vital. They are normally introduced in the body through eating and drinking mineral-rich products. When taken, they assist the body in normalizing physiological processes which stimulates normal body development and growth.Therefore, the roles of these Rich Minerals include.

A. Calcium Roles.

One of the important mineral required and used by the body is calcium. It is mostly used when the body has to synthesize or manufacture bone materials such as teeth.Strong bones or teeth will be as a result of taking calcium in the right proportions. This mineral also helps the body nerves and muscles to function properly. In order for blood vessels to contract and relax properly, the body needs to be supplied with calcium.

B. Phosphorous roles in the body.

It is obvious that during growth some cells and tissues might suffer injuries or die. Therefore, they need to be repaired. Phosphorous will therefore be used to repair these cells and tissues. Another use of phosphorous is when the body is making genetic materials.

C. Magnesium roles.

Magnesium is primarily involved in the balance of calcium ions as well as enzymatic activities. When the body is producing energy, the element will be actively involved.

D. Sodium element roles.

Sodium will be primarily used in regulation of blood behavior such as pressure and volume. The way muscles functions also depend on sodium ions availability

E. Potassium ions roles.

Stimuli response requires electrical transmissions. Potassium therefore acts as the body electrolyte. Potassium also regulates muscle and digestive functions together with keeping the heart healthy.

F. Roles of Iron and chloride ions.

Body fluids are balanced by chloride ions while hemoglobin formation requires iron. These compounds in red blood cells are responsible in the respiratory functions through oxygen transportation.

G. Zinc, copper and manganese roles.

The body uses zinc to make immune cells. Sex hormones, nerve cells and clotting compounds formation is the role of manganese.

Rich Minerals such as iodine will influence thyroid glands formation. Fluoride will reduce tooth decay and help maintain bone structure while selenium increase thyroid effectiveness and proper functioning. Rich Minerals required by the body are many not only the above mentioned.

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